VIBRACIONES OSCILATORIAS (Oscillating Vibrations) (Günter Haese)

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Idea and Screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Plastic Work: Günter Häese. Photography: Francisco Sempere. Music: Francisco Guerrero. Staging: Marieli Valero. Laboratories: Foto Film Madrid. Adding the Soundtrack: Estudios Roma. Poems: Vicente Aleixandre (from Sombra del paraíso – Shadow of Paradise). Narrator: Enriqueta Carballeira - Ricardo Tundidor. Executive Producer: Jesús R. Folgar. Production: Estudios Roma S.A.. Colour. 1975.

A film about the sculpting work of the Austrian Günter Haese based on objects that vibrate with a minor puff. This artist’s works allude to the natural elements of air, fire, water and earth so the abstract pictures of these four elements, are shown in negative, and are combined to the images created by the author.

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Ether: mechanic de-ciphered structure. Metallic objects which vibrate with a minor puff. The natural elements alluded: air, water, fire, earth.