VAU SEIS (Vau Six)

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Idea and screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Photography: Rafael Casenave. Staging: Marieli Valero. Sound: Lily Greenham. Adding of the soundtrack: CINEARTE. Narrator: Fernando Fernán Gómez. Starring: Enriqueta Carballeira. Laboratories: Foto Film. Production: Actual Films. Colour. 1973.

Comments on the film



The film as a whole is about the picture with no sound and also about the sound with no picture for the viewer to re-elaborate in his own mind the fusion of both.




Vau Seis is an avant-garde film. There are two filmic elements in the movie, a figurative image apparently real and another one totally abstract. The figurative image is a long shot in which a woman appears while running in a distant horizon and approaches the camera until she goes beyond… /… it is something neatly unreal, elaborated, which cannot be found in nature, the product of a mental abstraction. Something that does not happen that can only be thought… /… both elements, the original and the imagined ones, are taking turns during the viewing. One voice, the experimental poetess Lily Greenham, recites one of her phonetic poems; it is heard when a colour appears in the screen, in order to mark the time and the rhythm of these sequences.