TAUTÓLOGO PLUS X (tautological plus X) (Eduardo Sanz)

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Screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Photography: Antonio L. Ballesteros. Staging: Marieli Valero. Music: Cristóbal Halffter. Adding the Soundtrack: Estudios EXA. Plastic Work: Eduardo Sanz. Laboratories: Foto Film Madrid. Production: Ismael González. Colour. 1973.

The tautology is given through the camera which is filming itself. Eduardo Sanz’s mirrors are the support of this multiplied continuum.

Comments about the film



Identification with the kinetics. Tautólogos Plus X = speech… /… Euclid. Orthodox symmetry. Space…/... ▼ the first geometrical figure. Measurable. …/ … ■ Square (symbolized by 1): the origin of the harmonic modulations… /… Rectangle: Ø (of the golden section): it is the rectangle of the revolving squares …/ …the spiral is the photo-scheme of men that turn around a dot, which is getting bigger … Einstein: asymmetry- heterodoxy. Hyper-space: the infinite of the whole… continuous incommensurate sequence because the gravitation is more intense: fundamental subject in the theory of relativity.



It succeeds in inverting the sense of a documentary about works of art to turn it into a sort of self-portrait… / … Aguirre is making a movie about the filming of a movie in the first person… / … the experiment recalls, although vaguely, Dziga Vertov’s cinema-eye or even these first experiences carried out in the first stages of cinema, one century ago, such as “the waterer watered”; we see now with a hint of irony a “shooter shot”.




In the film “Tautólogos Plus X” Aguirre gives the idea of inserting the author into the film, of reflecting the own image of the camera, an unusual cinematographic idea although so evident, while Velazquez, a few centuries ago, carried out the same idea when he painted his “Meninas”.