SUPERFICIES (Surfaces- Gerardo Rueda)

Photo Gallery

Lightbox Gallery : horizontal

Screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Text: Excerpts of Helmut Kruschwitz -Enrique R, Panyagua. Narrator: Ricardo Merino - Carlos Revilla - Damián Velasco. Music: Excerpts of Maurice Ohana - Jean Absil - Ryo Noda - J.K.Randall. Photography: Miguel Àngel Trujillo. . Staging: Magda Paradell. Laboratories and Sound: Foto Film Madrid - TECNISON. Executive Producer: Ángel Huete. Production: GONDOLA, P.C. 1980.

A partial show of Gerardo Rueda’s sculptural and pictorial work which inspires sequences of different and opposite times, from the slow movements of the camera, used for showing the wood constructions, to the vivid rhythms for all surfaces of vivid colours.