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PRE-CREDITS 1. I love people, people of yesteryear and nowadays people. This film intends to show this feeling. J.A. 2. A film shot in two different periods of time separated by a 40-year distance: the Puerta del Sol between 1967 and 1970 in black and white and between 2005 and 2008 in full colour. 3) An ACTUAL FILMS’ production 4) With the support of the Culture Ministry icaa.

CREDITS 5) Sol 6) Idea, screenplay and text by Javier Aguirre. 7) Poem by Javier Villán 8) The voice of Amparo Rivelles 9) The voice of: José Manuel Cervino 10) Music and sound environment by José Luis Carles 11) Music by Juan Pura 12) Photography Director: Rafael Casenave (B/W) 13) Photography Director: Isabel Ruiz (colour) 14) Editing Sound: Emilio Bustos 16) Mixed by Bela da Costa 17) Fortuitous passers-by (B/W) Blaki/Angelines, Los Chimberos, Maria Luisa San José. Fortuitous passers-by (colour) Maria Asunción Mateo.

CREDITS-2 18) Guest passers-by (B/W) Enriqueta Carballeira, Manu Leguineche, J.A., Collaborators (B/W) Carlos Arias Navarro, Olga Ramos. 19) We’d like to thank: Amparo Rivelles - Javier Villan - José Sámano de la Brena - Cesar Almodóvar - Rosa Mateos - Bela da Costa - Juan Borrell - Agustín Peinado - Julio Recuero - Elsa Van Trier - María García Baquero - Josefa González - Silvia Usía - Colegio San Ildefonso - and Paco Limón. 20) We’d like to thank: Jose Briz - Andrés Calera - Eugenio Castro - Luis García - Manuel Gil - Pedro Heredero Peña - Alberto S. Insúa - Victor M. Irún - Carmen Jiménez - José Miguel Labrador - Julia M. Labrador. 21) We’d like to thank: Pedro Luis Lavilla - José Manuel Marchante - Luis Mansera - Francis Martín - José Menéndez - Juan Peñate - Eduardo Polonio - Antonio Rodriguez Anaya - José Sanchez Villoria - Antonio Santamaría - Luis Serrano - J.C. Tseng. 22) Sound-recording Studio NOVENTA Y NUEVE Laboratories FOTOFILM DE LUXE –Film: EASTMANCOLOR & B/N KODAK, cameras ARRIFLEX 16mm. / PANASONIC DV x 100, Kinescopado OPTICAL TRANSFER – Digital transcriptions: TRACKING S.L. Telecine TELSON - Gestoría LEGISCINE. 23) Pictures and images from archives: "The murder of Canalejas" (1912) by Adelardo Fernández Arias with Rafael Arcos and José Isbert, "The mystery of la Puerta del Sol" (1929) by Francisco Elías.

CREDITS-3 24) Production Manager: DIEGO LOPEZ COTILLO, Production Assistant: ANTONIO S. PELÁEZ, 25) Executive Producer: J.A., Production Manager: JOSÉ MENÉNDEZ, 26) A film by JAVIER AGUIRRE. Final Credits: 27) Dedicated to all people that went past La Puerta de Sol and particularly to ANGEL in memoriam

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It is a long film which has needed 40 years to be achieved; its purpose is showing the Puerta del Sol from 1967 to 1970 (filmed in black and white) parallel the same Puerta del Sol from 2005 to 2008 (filmed in colour). It is a very particular movie, partially a documentary and partially an experimental film; obviously, it is absolutely different from other things done previously.