SIN FILM II (Without Film II)

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Black & White and Colour. 35mm Projector. And screen. With the collaboration of: Pedro Garhel, Arantxa Aguirre. Videography: Aitor Martin Aguirre. Live Music: Jesús Villa Rojo (clarinet), Pedro López (electronics). Madrid Cine DORÉ Filmoteca Española 1997. A non-film by Javier Aguirre.

From the idea expressed in the film Multiples, Número Indeterminado (Multiples, undetermined number 1967-1968) the transparent celluloid in a loop that gives to the cinema the concept of hazard and variant. Different results are achieved every time the film is viewed, SIN FILM is a step forward, that is, with no film, using no film in both the production and the viewing. The elements are only two (not three as usual), the machine that is the projector (35-mm or 16-mm) and the screen. In front of the machine a large series of diverse objects is passing and creating shadows or abstract figures onto the canvas of the screen forming both the space (colour and line) and the time (sequences of diverse rhythmic gradation completed by the music made by one or more composers and musicians that physically extemporize, live, inspired by all things shown in the screen. Sin Film I (Without Film I) is a pure experience whose physical hints do not exist anymore although there are sound traces, the musical improvisation by Javier Maderuelo and Jesus Villa Rojo that took place in the Centro Cultural Conde Duque (a cultural centre), in Madrid, in 1984. The subsequent events (Sin Film II and Sin Film III - 1987) have had and will have documents that can be consulted thanks to some video-graphic information.