LÍNEAS DEL VIENTO (lines of the wind) (Eusebio Sempere)

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Screenplay: Javier Aguirre, on Eusebio Sempere’s work. Text: José Miguel Ullan. Photography Director: Miguel Angel Trujillo. Music: excerpts from Cristobal Halffter, Miroslav Kabelac, Anton Larrauri, Toshiro Mayuzumi. Staging: Magda Paradell. Narrator: Ricardo Merino, Carlos Revilla. Laboratories: Foto Film Madrid. Sound-recording Studios: TECNISON. Production: Góndola P.C.


Both Eusebio Sempere’s paintings and sculptures are working as a base to transform them in movement and implicit rhythms, using its own plastic, since only through cinema these can be converted into a new dimension, different from the sculptural-pictorial one.