ESPACIO INTERIOR (inner space) (Eduardo Chillida)

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Screenplay: Javier Aguirre, on the work by Eduardo Chillida. Texts: excerpts from Octavio Paz and a poem by Jorge Guillén. Music: excerpts from Anton Larrauri, Francisco Guerrero, Minao Shibata, Makoto Moroi. Photography Director: Manuel Rojas. Staging: Magda Paradell. Narrator: Ricardo Merino, Damian Velasco. Laboratories: Foto Film Madrid. Sound-recording Studios: TECNISON. Executive Producer: Eligio Herrero. Production: Farándula Films. Colour. 1980.

Comments about the film



It is perhaps in the movie “Espacio Interior” where Javier Aguirre solves the best the definition of the artistic work, not letting himself to be taken in by the outer spatial volumetric aspect present in Chillida’s works. His gaze, his visual path, goes deeper inside, just onto the living heart of the matter, where the sculptor work is getting bigger and bigger, not in the outer appearance but in the non-appearance of the reserved and own inner space.