DEL MOVIMIENTO ESPONTÁNEO DE LA MATERIA (On the Spontaneous Movement of the Matter) (Antoni Tápies)

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Screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Texts: excerpts from Rafael Alberti - Michel Butor - Joan Miró. Narrator: Rafael Alberti - Carlos Revilla - Ricardo Merino. Music: excerpts from Josep M. Mestres - Quadreny - Maki Ishii - Toshiro Mayuzuki. Photography: Manuel Rojas. Staging: Magda Paradell. Executive Producer: Eligio Herrero. Production: Farándula Films. Colour.

Comments about the film



The film in honour of Antoni Tapies’ extraordinary pictorial work gives a great service in order to understand the universal Catalan master; the difficult way, so long, along the whole path… /… I’m watching the continuation, even in a gasping, of a continuous movement, starting from Tapies’ art –mainly based on his characteristic informal period and the wish of achieving a whole using voice, sound and picture… /… Aguirre profoundly commenting on Tapies and has done real cinema, he manages to express himself with his own tone, he makes a few steps forward to unknown terms. He has answered the call of his great and dangerous intellectual interests.



So this movie about Tapies is not a revolutionary one like some other movies done by Aguirres, such as, for instance, “Uts Cero”. It is rich enough but one does not jump crying “This is experimentation!”.