ZERO / INFINIT0 (zero infinite)

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A Javier Aguirre’s film. Idea and screenplay: Javier Aguirre. Design and digital edition: Proyecto Genus, SL. Computer Musical Development: Pedro Lopez. Production Managing: Jose Luis de Damas. Production: Actual Films. With the voices of Manuel de Blas, Mary Carrillo, Jose Pedro Carrión, Jose Manuel Cervino, Emma Cohen, Fernando Fernan-Gómez, Nati Mistral, Sara Montiel, Jose María Pou, Esperanza Roy, Santiado Segura, Maria Jesus Valdés and in honour of Francisco Rabal, in memoriam..

Comments on the film




One of the basic foundations of this film is the imperceptibility of both space and time, that is, transforming consecutively the formal elements that make up the semantic proposal but avoiding them to be perceptible during the whole transformation, the differences will be demonstrable along both the plastic and the sound course…/ …It is really a reflection about the time and the space in their essentiality…/ … This film is a circle that emerges from the Void and grows, step by step, in an imperceptible way; it approaches the viewer, but this one does not notice it, until it completely fills the screen. Then, in the same way it moves away (but the viewer does not notice it) and finally disappears. The use of the colour offers a new approach in accordance with the scientist base that sustains the aesthetic research.../ …The soundtrack of the movie Zero/Infinite is not only made up of music, there will be also a series of sentences continually collaborating with this soundtrack, which are closely connected with the picture shown in the screen. These texts have been hardly selected by the author during a forty-five-year period…/… If you want to see is a fiction movie, a documentary, an animated movie or an experimental film, I do not advise you to watch this film. Every cinematographic work has its own referrer, excepted very few such as: “la sortie de l’Usine” (the workers exiting the manufacture), “El perro andaluz” (the Andalusia dog) or “La Region Central” (the central region) and other few more – and Zero/Infinito has not any referrer. All movies are or intend to be cinema but this one does not pretend to be. I can recommend it to all spectators who prefer listening and watching a quite different matter.